Paley Institute Surgical Limb Reconstruction Fellowship:

This UNIQUE fellowship is designed for orthopedic surgeons interested in developing an expertise in
pediatric and adult limb reconstruction/deformity surgery of the lower and upper extremities
including the treatment of:

1)        Lower and upper limb deformities including the foot and hand
2)        Limb length discrepancy
3)        Deformity and short stature due to dysplasias and syndromes
4)        Congenital deficiencies (e.g. CFD, FH, TH, RCH, UCH, congenital dislocation of patella, various
5)        Other congenital deformities( e.g. clubfoot, vertical talus, congenital pseudarthrosis, syndactaly, absent
thumb, and other hand and foot anomolies)
6)        Developmental pathology (e.g. Blount’s, growth arrest, neonatal sepsis sequellae, congenital
pseudarthrosis, MHE, Olliers, fibrous dysplasia, etc)
7)        Post-traumatic disorders (e.g. nonunions, malunions, bone defects, osteomyelitis)
8)        Hip disorders (e.g. ddh, Perthes, epiphyseal dysplasis, sepsis sequellae, MHE, etc)
9)        Joint preservation surgery of the hip, knee and ankle
10)      Musculoskeletal tumor surgery
11)      Treatment of many difficult pediatric ortho problems (e.g. stump overgrowth)
Fellows will learn many new surgical procedures including:
1)        Limb lengthening for congenital, developmental and post-traumatic LLD
2)        Limb lengthening for short stature for dysplasias and constitutional short stature
3)        Superhip, Superknee, Superankle  for procedures
4)        Ulnarization for radial clubhand
5)        Weber patellar arthroplasty as well as other new operations for tibial hemimelia
6)        New method to treat stump overgrowth
7)        Surgical Hip Dislocation for impingement, femoral head reshaping and reduction osteotomy, protrusio
reduction surgery
8)        Pelvic osteotomies in children and adults including Ganz pelvic osteotomy
9)        Joint preservation procedures such as joint distraction, osteotomy and dislocation
10)      Bone transport for bone defects
11)      Innovative Tumor surgery including custom joint replacement
12)      Judet quadricepsplasty
13)      Take down hip and knee fusion surgery with arthroplasty
14)      Complex foot surgery with and without external fixation
15)      Congenital hand surgery including pollicization and complex syndactaly releases and tendon transfers
16)      New procedures for Charcot-Marie-Tooth

The Paley Institute performs more than 1000 surgical procedures annually. We take only one clinical
fellow. There is surgery and office work in the same building every day of the week. Fellows have
ample research opportunities and are mentored to publish clinical studies. Fellows go on our annual
mission trip to operate in Haiti. Fellows are also sponsored to attend one CME course.

The clinical and operative experience in this fellowship is like no other. The breadth and severity of
pathology from patients coming from all over the US and the world. This fellowship is complimentary
to prior fellowships in pediatric ortho, trauma, foot and arthroplasty.

Fellowship Directors: Dr. Dror Paley and Dr. Daniel Prince


Applicant must have completed an orthopedic surgery residency in the United States or Canada and
be eligible for a State of Florida Medical License

To apply please contact Caroline Eaton
Limb lengthening Dror Paley  Ilizarov fixator ISKD, Deformity Leg length discrepancy, Congenital femoral deficiency PFFD, Fibular hemimelia, Achondroplasia, asami  asami2008 Dwarfism, Dwarf Nonunion Osteomyelitis
Radial club hand TAR MHE Multiple Hereditary Exostoses Multiple Osteochondroma MO Congenital pseudarthrosis Brachymetatarsia Hypochondroplasia Distraction External fixator Short stature Herzenberg Standard Rozbruch
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epiphyseodesis, MHE, Mutliple Hereditary Exostosis, Cartilagenous exostosis, Bone dysplasia, Blount's disease, tibia vara Ollier's, enchondromatosis, fibrous dysplasia, spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, open fracture,LLD
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osteotomy, knee arthritis, osteoarthritis, ostearthritis
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